My first blog post



Me doing a blog, this should be interesting... well I guess we should start out by me giving you all an idea of who I am and where I come from. My name is Lala (pernounced lay-luh), I live in Newberg Oregon and have lived here for pretty much my entire life. I have two older brothers who I consider my best friends, and my Mom and Dad who are also my best friends. My oldest brother Hap is 23 and at University of Wyoming on a track and field scholarship, my other brother Branko (yeah my brother and I's names are not common at all) is 21 and enlisted in the United State Marine Corps and has been deployed overseas for a while, but he is on his way home now! My Dad and Mom who I won't mention their ages have been happily married for 25 years, my dad has his own business and my mom works for the police department in Newberg. So as far as talking about me goes, I'm 19 years old and a college student who was on the track team at George Fox University then about a week ago my entire life took a sharp turn and now I'm transferring to Grand Canyon University online to continue my major in Business management. For those who know me know track and field is a huge part of who I am and pretty much the only thing I know. I've have been a thrower for 12 straight years year round since the age of 7, I threw javelin until I was old enough to compete in the hammer throw. I had a very successful young career in javelin winning 6 state titles and a few regional titles and then in 2012 a National title, so I've had my fair share of the throwing life. But I believe there comes a point in peoples lives that they grow out of certain things and throwing was one of them for me. But when God closed that door for me he opened up another one and that is my passion for photography. I would never take back those 12 year for anything. Track gave me that drive and ability to work hard that I have carried that over to taking pictures and wanting to learn and grow and challenge myself. I am blessed to have gone to George Fox for 3 semesters because that was the time that I really started investing in my relationship with the Jesus and God. Going to a private Christian university was a huge reason I feel confident in following my dream in photography because I know God is right there by my side cheering me on. For now I am investing my time and energy in photography and excited to see where I end up. I can go on and on about the changes that have been happening in the last month but i'll save that for a separate blog next time. Expect blogs here and there throughout the week as I'm still learning to figure out this thing. I'm excited to start sharing my life and my business i'm trying to grow. See you next time, God bless

Lala Frketich